Kids United

Lifting Up the Children in Our Community


Every day things shape a child’s future; a nurturing home, a caring family and a hope that things will always get better.  Many children live without any of those things.  They live chaotic lives on the edge of disaster.  Survival takes all their effort.  A big burden for little shoulders.

KIDS UNITED finds ways for the community to show up in those every day moments, to show compassion for our little ones.  Hope can be nurtured through relationships with caring adults, small comforts at the right time as well as opporunties to learn and grow.


United Way invites you to share your love of reading with children!

United Way recruits teams of volunteers to read to classrooms in elementary schools to promote a love of reading.  The programs runs Spring and Fall and runs for four weeks.  United Way supplies the books and the volunteer coaching.

  • Registration for the Spring Session (Digital) will open on March 1, 2021

Dolly Parton's Imagination Library

What It Is

Each month a new, carefully selected book will be mailed in your child’s name directly to your home. The first book is always the children’s classic The Little Engine That Could™. Best of all, United Way is the lead partner, so families are able to participate at no cost.  United Way believes that every child should grow up surrounded by books.  It is a wonderful way to grow a young mind.  (Currenlty Imagination Library is only available for Kosciusko County residents).

How it Works

To be eligible, children must be between the ages of 0-5 years old and live in Kosciusko County.  It’s that simple.  Enrollment is easy too!  Register by completing the form below and mailing it to United Way or you can enroll yourself via the Imagination Library Site.


Resources & Materials

START UNITED (formerly Kindergarten Countdown)

For more than a decade, United Way has partnered with elementary schools to make sure children enter kindergarten ready to learn.  At kindergarten round up, teachers talk with parents, connect with children and identify kids who are likely to struggle on their first day of school.

The families who have the children who would benefit most are then invited to participate in Start United. This summer program focuses on getting kids ready for success.  The children explore books, play math games and learn how school works.  The results have been amazing.  The children learn quickly and are often some of the best leaders when school begins.