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Lost Sparrows Annual Trauma Conference


United Way Posted by: United Way 2 years ago

Lost Sparrows’ mission is to advocate for the worth and potential of every child. The organization works to empower and equip families, caregivers, and communities to love, nurture, and protect vulnerable children.

This focus on helping children in our community made Lost Sparrows an obvious partner for United Way of Whitley & Kosciusko Counties. We know that children succeed when adults care.

Championing for children to support them as they grow is vital for our community to thrive.

It has been said that it takes a village to raise up the next generation, and we are glad to work alongside the staff and volunteers of United Way. Their financial support allows us to reach deep into our communities and support our most vulnerable families. Thank you to United Way of Whitley and Kosciusko Counties for helping create a resilient community!– Darren Gagnon, President of Lost Sparrows

The Annual Conference

In 2021, Lost Sparrows hosted their first annual conference on developmental trauma and worked with 250 people to address various issues surrounding trauma.

The second annual conference is being held at Grace College on October 14-15, 2022. You can find more specific information about the conference and register below.

The Mission Of Lost Sparrows

We believe that if parents, teachers, foster parents, and community partners are given the proper education and support, they will be much more successful in creating positive changes that will affect generations to come. We would not be as successful without our partners at United Way of Whitley and Kosciusko Counties.– Darren Gagnon, President of Lost Sparrows


Children who have experienced trauma require an extra level of commitment to care. Lost Sparrows works to educate and train families, caregivers, teachers, and others on how to help children overcome the effects of trauma.


Lost Sparrows’ partners worldwide need help working with families. The organization supports them financially, with translated materials, training videos, and in a variety of other ways.


The Lost Sparrows team consistently works with governments and local agencies to advocate for the safe closure of orphanages and to change policies to benefit children and families.

Our mission has never been more challenging or more vital than it is today. And we could not provide critical support and education for our community without the support of amazing organizations like United Way.Darren Gagnon, President of Lost Sparrows

Attend The Lost Sparrows Trauma Conference

The conference is designed for foster/adoptive parents, teachers, and anyone who works with children. It will provide a weekend of encouragement, education, and connection. 

Working with children who have challenging behaviors and complex trauma can be exhausting. Adults in those roles need education and support to provide the best trauma-informed care to the children in their lives.

There will be a variety of topics discussed, including:

  • Attachment issues
  • Challenging behaviors
  • Trauma parenting
  • Depression
  • Suicide
  • Helping victims of abuse
  • Addiction
  • Self-care
  • Co-regulation
  • Caregiver burnout

The conference will have 30 breakout sessions to choose from over the two days.

United Way is sending 20 staff members from local organizations like Mission 25, Beaman Home, and CASA of Kosciusko County to be a part of this effort.  We want to make sure staff in key programs in our community have access to this vital training and support.Darren Bickel, United Way President