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United Way Days Of Caring


United Way Posted by: United Way 7 months ago

For more than twenty-five years, United Way has rallied community volunteers to work on Day of Caring projects that make a difference.

This October, Day of Caring engaged more than 150 volunteers in dozens of projects!

In Kosciusko County

Volunteers helped begin a new chapter in our Day Of Caring story by volunteering side-by-side with students to improve their elementary schools.

United Way believes children need real connections with caring volunteers. By working side-by-side together, the volunteer teams shared a hands-on experience that bound them together!

“The adults and kids who volunteered made a lasting impact on our school,” said Aimee Lunsford, Principal at Lincoln Elementary School in Warsaw.

“Every child who comes into the library will see the bookshelf tree they painted. The Leadership Wall they assembled will feature the children’s art projects. The Mind in Motion course built in the hallway will help our students develop focus.”

United Way wants to build our next generation of volunteers by having our volunteers not only accomplish meaningful tasks but also serve as role models.

If we can do these two things at once, the results of our efforts will be multiplied for years to come in our communities.

In Whitley County

In Whitley County, volunteers cleared woodland trails, installed flooring, updated landscaping, and improved a garden playground.

These projects were completed at Brightpoint Head Start, Camp Whitley, Easterseals Passages, Giving Gardens, and The Center.

“United Way’s volunteers brought transformative energy to Giving Gardens, shaping our hobbit hole with sidewalls, relocating our composting station, shifting the firewood wall, adorning the greenhouse for an event, and cultivating the spirit of community by pulling weeds,” said Rachel Alexander, Giving Gardens Executive Director.

“Their dedication meant the world to us as an organization, reinforcing the power of collective goodwill in making a lasting impact.”

Days of Caring is an amazing legacy for United Way. It has changed the face of our community for good and it only works because every day people care enough to work for a better tomorrow.

Ready To Get Involved?

There are opportunities to get involved in your community by volunteering with and donating to United Way year-round. If you’re ready to get involved and make a lasting difference, click below for more information.