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United Way Distributes Donated Hand Sanitizer To Local Nonprofits


United Way Posted by: United Way 2 years ago

United Way of Whitley & Kosciusko Counties distributed more than fifteen pallets of hand sanitizer to local nonprofits in an effort to make sure every staff member and client stays healthy.

The sanitizer that was distributed was generously donated by Malibu Wellness. Thirty-seven local nonprofits were recipients of the donation.

“When Malibu called and asked if they could make a donation, we expected a few cases. When the truck showed up, it had fifteen pallets! It was an overwhelming show of generosity.” – Darren Bickel, United Way President

At the onset of COVID-19, Malibu Wellness switched gears to begin focusing on safe and effective sanitizing solutions, creating liquid and gel hand sanitizers.

Through continued outreach, their hand sanitizer has helped non-profits, healthcare providers, and other industries maintain safe environments.

Though extremely generous, the large delivery of hand sanitizer was more than United Way could manage alone. That’s when Nextremity Solutions jumped in to offer their warehouse space for storage and distribution.

“Nextremity Solutions believes in providing real support for community initiatives. We are happy to have played a part in the success of United Way’s project. It plays right into our cultural values and we look forward to supporting the community as Medartis going forward.” – David Temple, Executive Director of Nextremity Solutions