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United Way’s BIG GIVE Delivers for Kids


United Way Posted by: United Way 2 years ago

Volunteers and staff at Milford School

We’re so thrilled to announce that we were able to deliver more than 2,000 bags of school supplies this past week as part of The BIG GIVE

Driven by more than 40 businesses, churches, and individual community members, this United Way initiative supplied 100+ bags of school supplies to all twenty elementary schools in Whitley and Kosciusko counties. 

We are committed to making sure every student begins school ready for success next week!

Dropping bags of school supplies off at Washington Elementary School in Warsaw.

“The Big Give levels the playing field for all children. The first day of school should be full of joy and excitement. Our donors work hard to make sure it is!” Tammy Keirn, Chair of the United Way Board of Directors

The project enables volunteers to make a real connection with children in our community. Thanks to a grant from the Zimmer Biomet Foundation, United Way was able to purchase drawstring bags for each child. 

Each bag was tagged with a supply list for a grade level. Volunteers chose just the right items to fill the bag, often putting in more supplies in than were strictly required. The bags were then delivered directly to the schools by volunteers.

Bags full of school supplies ready to be delivered at the Whitley County dropoff location.

Each school will distribute the bags next week as school begins, making sure no child has the awkward moment of being unprepared for their first day of school.

“United Way trusts our school partners with Big Give. Schools know their families and their needs. The bags are put in the hands of principals, teachers and guidance counselors – the wisest people I know when it comes to meeting the needs of students.”Darren Bickel, United Way President

The BIG GIVE began in 2018 and has collected thousands of items for children over the past 5 years.